Weightless massage, yoga and bodywork



About Aerial Body LLC

Aerial Body LLC is dedicated to the combination of Aerial Yoga, meditation, massage and bodywork as a new therapeutic modality. Through research and development we hope to offer low cost opportunities to the community for relaxation, relief from pain, improved mobility and PLAY. Utilizing aerial slings, hammocks and silks, Aerial Massage gives both the client and therapist a new realm to explore; THE AIR.

About Owner Blue de Leeuw

Blue moved away from her parents at 13 to join the San Francisco Ballet. She performed with the school and company until age 18 when an eating disorder and drug abuse resulted in a mental breakdown that lasted seven years. Through therapy, yoga and much support she found health, happiness and recovery that continues to this day. Blue holds two yoga teacher certifications from Clayton Horton of Greenpath Yoga and was blessed to study in Mysore India with Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois in 2004. Her aerial training began while performing as a fire dancer with Cirque Uberlesque and at Circus Center San Francisco in 1995. She performed internationally on trapeze, silks, sling, lyra, and invented apparatus for 20 years. Then in 2012 her rigging failed resulting in a fall that shattered her feet. She was told after multiple surgeries she may never walk normally again. After months in a wheelchair she found the aerial sling she used for performing provided the only relaxation and relief from pain. It also became her main tool for rehabilitating her muscles while learning to walk again. Wanting to offer this as a therapeutic modality to others she sold her aerial arts studio and went back to school. Now a licensed massage and bodywork therapist specializing in neuromuscular therapy she launched 'Aerial Body LLC' to further research how to combine aerial yoga, meditation, massage and bodywork.