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Aerial Yoga


About Aerial Yoga

Utilizing the support of aerial fabric hammocks, slings and silks Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga postures with the strength and flexibility training of an aerialist. Add a little dance, meditation, and lot's of fun (think giggling while your spinning with your legs open upside down) it takes your yoga practice off the mat and into the air. Appropriate for all ages, abilities and body types. If you can step up stairs or sit on a chair you can stand in a foot lock or recline in a hammock. 


private aerial yoga

Learn to fly, flip and float with a Private Aerial Yoga session just for you. Or invite some friends to your Aerial Party. Combine with an Aerial Massage Treatment or Aerial Float Meditation to create a customized experience.

private sessions are Great for:
+ Birthday Parties
+ Bachelorette Parties
+ Anniversaries
+ Team Building
+ designing customized aerial training plan
+ photographic sessions
+ injury rehabilitation
+ routine creation
+ Gift Certificates


community aerial Body

Community Aerial Body is donation based studio time and by invitation only. Depending on group interest sessions may incorporate a combination of free-form self-paced hanging out, question and answer time with instructor, assisted stretching, strength training, meditation, review of more advanced aerial skills and or rehearsal. The studio has 4 low hanging aerial slings, 2 aerial hammocks, 2 silks and 2 trapeze. Available times are below or email blue@aerialbody.com to request additional days/times.

Community sessions are great for:
+ First aerial experience
+ first visit to studio
+ continued aerial training
+ assisted stretching
+ hanging out having fun